Say Less. Do More. Be Happy.

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Around here, we're judgement-free. We specialize in humorously risqué novelty t-shirts & mugs that make fun gifts!

We love to laugh. We're all about having fun. But most of all, we love people, who simply love people.

Say Less. Do More. Be Happy.

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  • Mugs for Fun Liberation

    In your next post, sip a cup of Joe and let'em know you're single and ready to mingle!

  • Mugs for Laughs & Gasps

    Wanna' really grab their attention? Use our fun mugs in your TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook posts. They give tea-bagging a whole new meaning.

  • Mugs for Suggestive Play

    Don't say what's on your mind. Let'em read between the lines!

Cause Girls Just Wanna' Have Fun!

Playfully say what's on your mind without actually saying it.

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Guys Only Add to the Fun!

Hey, fellas. You can join in on the fun too! Check out this unisex tee from our BDSM collection. Available in 15 colors!


The Perfect Gift

Gift them with a Screety® e-gift card today! Available in $10, $25, $50 and $100 denominations.

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Be Fun. Be Cute. Be You...

You're more exciting than some might know. Whatever your lifestyle or mood, we have the perfect tee to express it.

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Drink Up!

No one has to know what's in your cup. Our hilarious risqué mugs will only add to the fun!

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Are You a Screety?

Whatever your preferences, whether you choose to live out loud or discreetly, we're here for it!